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SMPP Error Codes

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The following list is an overview of codes SMPP providers will return in the "command_status" field in case of an error.

Error Number Error Name Error Description
0x00000000 ESME_ROK No Error
0x00000001 ESME_RINVMSGLEN Message too long
0x00000002 ESME_RINVCMDLEN Command length is invalid
0x00000003 ESME_RINVCMDID Command ID is invalid or not supported
0x00000004 ESME_RINVBNDSTS Incorrect bind status for given command
0x00000005 ESME_RALYBND Already bound
0x00000006 ESME_RINVPRTFLG Invalid Priority Flag
0x00000007 ESME_RINVREGDLVFLG Invalid registered delivery flag
0x00000008 ESME_RSYSERR System error
0x0000000A ESME_RINVSRCADR Invalid source address
0x0000000B ESME_RINVDSTADR Invalid destination address
0x0000000C ESME_RINVMSGID Message ID is invalid
0x0000000D ESME_RBINDFAIL Bind failed
0x0000000E ESME_RINVPASWD Invalid password
0x0000000F ESME_RINVSYSID Invalid System ID
0x00000011 ESME_RCANCELFAIL Cancelling message failed
0x00000013 ESME_RREPLACEFAIL Message recplacement failed
0x00000014 ESME_RMSSQFUL Message queue full
0x00000015 ESME_RINVSERTYP Invalid service type
0x00000033 ESME_RINVNUMDESTS Invalid number of destinations
0x00000034 ESME_RINVDLNAME Invalid distribution list name
0x00000040 ESME_RINVDESTFLAG Invalid destination flag
0x00000042 ESME_RINVSUBREP Invalid submit with replace request
0x00000043 ESME_RINVESMCLASS Invalid esm class set
0x00000044 ESME_RCNTSUBDL Invalid submit to ditribution list
0x00000045 ESME_RSUBMITFAIL Submitting message has failed
0x00000048 ESME_RINVSRCTON Invalid source address type of number ( TON )
0x00000049 ESME_RINVSRCNPI Invalid source address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x00000050 ESME_RINVDSTTON Invalid destination address type of number ( TON )
0x00000051 ESME_RINVDSTNPI Invalid destination address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x00000053 ESME_RINVSYSTYP Invalid system type
0x00000054 ESME_RINVREPFLAG Invalid replace_if_present flag
0x00000055 ESME_RINVNUMMSGS Invalid number of messages
0x00000058 ESME_RTHROTTLED Throttling error
0x00000061 ESME_RINVSCHED Invalid scheduled delivery time
0x00000062 ESME_RINVEXPIRY Invalid Validty Period value
0x00000063 ESME_RINVDFTMSGID Predefined message not found
0x00000064 ESME_RX_T_APPN ESME Receiver temporary error
0x00000065 ESME_RX_P_APPN ESME Receiver permanent error
0x00000066 ESME_RX_R_APPN ESME Receiver reject message error
0x00000067 ESME_RQUERYFAIL Message query request failed
0x000000C0 ESME_RINVTLVSTREAM Error in the optional part of the PDU body
0x000000C1 ESME_RTLVNOTALLWD TLV not allowed
0x000000C2 ESME_RINVTLVLEN Invalid parameter length
0x000000C3 ESME_RMISSINGTLV Expected TLV missing
0x000000C4 ESME_RINVTLVVAL Invalid TLV value
0x000000FE ESME_RDELIVERYFAILURE Transaction delivery failure
0x000000FF ESME_RUNKNOWNERR Unknown error
0x00000100 ESME_RSERTYPUNAUTH ESME not authorised to use specified servicetype
0x00000101 ESME_RPROHIBITED ESME prohibited from using specified operation
0x00000102 ESME_RSERTYPUNAVAIL Specified servicetype is unavailable
0x00000103 ESME_RSERTYPDENIED Specified servicetype is denied
0x00000104 ESME_RINVDCS Invalid data coding scheme
0x00000105 ESME_RINVSRCADDRSUBUNIT Invalid source address subunit
0x00000106 ESME_RINVSTDADDRSUBUNIR Invalid destination address subunit
0x0000040B ESME_RINVBALANCE Insufficient credits to send message
0x0000040C ESME_RUNESME_SPRTDDESTADDR Destination address blocked by the ActiveXperts SMPP Demo Server