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Books about WAP, the Wireless Application Protocol

Beginning WAP: Wireless Markup Language & Wireless Markup Language Script

Title: Beginning WAP: Wireless Markup Language & Wireless Markup Language Script
Author(s): Soo Mee Foo, Ted Wugofski, Wei Meng Lee, Foo Soo Mee, Karli Watson, Carli Watson
Publisher: Wrox
ISBN-10: 1861004583
ISBN-13: n/abps
Short Description: Aimed at the novice Web designer or developer, Beginning WAP, WML, and WMLScript is an approachable and effective introduction to the standards that you'll need to learn to start building wireless Web applications and Web sites for the next generation of cellular telephones and Internet devices. Two of the book's stronger features are the clear and understandable presentation style, and the hands-on focus on what works and doesn't in Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) development. Very little knowledge on the part of the reader is assumed, so that all of the basics of what WAP is and how the Wireless Markup Language (WML) makes use of XML to deliver content to cell phones are explained thoroughly. Short examples of WML in action help bring you up to speed on this new programming paradigm.
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Bluetooth For Java

Title: Bluetooth For Java
Author(s): Bruce Hopkins, Ranjith Antony
Publisher: Apress
ISBN-10: 1590590783
ISBN-13: 978-1590590782bps
Short Description: Bluetooth for Java is not an overview of Bluetooth. In the book, Bruce Hopkins and Ranjith Antony describe how to develop wireless Java applications using Bluetooth for a variety of platforms. This includes an API overview of the Java library, development of Bluetooth-based services, highlights of security concerns, and walkthroughs for development with some of the different tools available.
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Dynamic WAP Application Development

Title: Dynamic WAP Application Development
Author(s): Soo Mee Foo, Christopher Hoover, Wei Meng Lee
Publisher: Manning Publications
ISBN-10: 1930110081
ISBN-13: 978-1930110083bps
Short Description: Dynamic WAP Application Development provides developers with the necessary skills to develop WAP applications and build dynamic Web sites for wireless use. Dynamic WAP Application Development first introduces the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and offers an in-depth explanation of the prominent wireless languages.
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Professional Wap (Programmer to Programmer)

Title: Professional Wap (Programmer to Programmer)
Author(s): Charles Arehart, Nirmal Chidambaram, Shashikiran Guruprasad, Alex Homer
Publisher: Wrox Press
ISBN-10: 1861004044
ISBN-13: 978-1861004048bps
Short Description: The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) provides a universal open standard for bringing Internet content and advanced services to mobile phones and other wireless devices. Designed from the start to take account of the limitations of today's devices - small screen, low power and low bandwidth - WAP is the platform for the new generation of "media phones".
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WAP 2.0 Development

Title: WAP 2.0 Development
Author(s): Chris Tull
Publisher: Que
ISBN-10: 0789726025
ISBN-13: 978-0789726025bps
Short Description: This book is a comprehensive tutorial that is logically organized, up-to-date, and includes coverage of the most popular wireless programming language, WML. Readers create a working application, developing examples that build from one chapter to the next. With each chapter readers are learning, practicing, and building on required skills necessary not only for wireless development, but also programming in general. By the end of the book, readers will have created a wireless database application that allows them to view, enter, and delete information.
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