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MMS Providers in Denmark, Danmark, based on MM4/MM7

Telia Sonera

Creating national MMS interworking with typically 2 to 4 operators is fairly easy and does not involve much time or effort, but national interworking is by no means enough. Eventually operators need to create interworking with basically every operator with MMS in their service portfolio! TeliaSonera MMS Gateway lets you create just one agreement and still reach hundreds of destinations for MMS interworking. There’s no need for a spaghetti-like mess of end-to-end links, because you’ll be using our existing GRX infrastructure, as outlined in our breakthrough MMS Gateway concept. Choose one or two service packages: Basic allows you to manage bilateral MMS interworking and connectivity, making it a suitable option when you have frequently changing technical environments. Premium is our full-service turnkey offering, managing all MMS interworking traffic and billing through a single agreement. Whatever combination fits your business best, we know you’ll benefit from a faster time to market, guaranteed interoperability, and true cost savings from the simplicity of MMS Gateway’s operations.


Supported Protocols:
  • MM4