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MMS Providers in China, PRC, based on MM4/MM7


As the Multimedia Message Service (MMS) gains worldwide momentum, mobile operators realized that early, comprehensive MMS interoperability with other operators’ MMS networks will greatly accelerate the user adoption and revenue generation, as proved by the successful SMS market. However, implementing interoperability remains one of the biggest challenges facing each operator. Realizing this importance and challenges, the GSMA has listed MMS interoperability as one of the highest priorities for the GSM community. Aicent, one of the world's first MMS interworking service providers, launched the commercial MMS gateway service in September 2003 to meet the market demand. The Aicent MMS Gateway Service provides the worldwide mobile operators with an extremely convenient and efficient way to rapidly establish global MMS interoperability with reliable, cost-effective commercial MMS delivery and termination capabilities. A large number of the worldwide mobile operators have realized the benefits of MMS interoperability and have connected their MMSCs to the Aicent MMS Gateway, enjoying trouble-free MMS interconnection, increasing user satisfaction, and stimulating their MMS market growth.


Supported Protocols:
  • MM4