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Book: "Introduction to Bluetooth Technology: Market, Operation, Profiles, and Services"

Title: Introduction to Bluetooth Technology: Market, Operation, Profiles, and Services
Author(s): Lawrence Harte
Publisher: Althos
ISBN-10: 0974694355bps
ISBN-13: 978-0974694351

This book explains what is Bluetooth technology and why it is important for so many types of consumer electronics devices. Since it was first officially standardized in 1999, the Bluetooth market has grown to more than 35 million devices per year. You will find out how Bluetooth devices can automatically locate nearby Bluetooth devices, authenticates them, discover their capabilities, and the process used to setup connections with them. You will learn how the use of standard profiles allows Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other and work together in the same way. Bluetooth devices operate in the frequency band where other devices operate including wireless LAN, microwave ovens, cordless telephones, wireless video cameras, and others. This will explain how Bluetooth’s spread spectrum technology minimizes interference to and from other devices. Bluetooth was designed to be a simple low power radio link to primarily replace cables for short-range connections. While the use of a simple design results in an efficient wireless communication device, it does mean that Bluetooth does not perform the same as other wireless technologies. You will discover in this book how Bluetooth compares to other technologies such as WLAN systems.

Bluetooth has several user programmable options including the ability to hide devices (non-discoverable) and the ability to require other users to authenticate before allowing other devices to connect to your device. In this book, you will learn about key options that you may set and how it may affect the operation of your Bluetooth device and applications. Bluetooth continues to change. There have already been several revisions and more revisions are planned for the future. These revisions include faster data transmission rates, new profiles, and more.
Some of the most important topics featured in this book are:
  • What is Bluetooth
  • What types of products use Bluetooth technology
  • How big is the Bluetooth marketplace
  • How does Bluetooth work
  • What are Profiles and why they are so important
  • Why Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers can work with each other
  • What happens when Bluetooth radios operate near other devices
  • How does Bluetooth compare to other technologies such as WLAN
  • Key options and how they can affect the operation of Bluetooth devices
  • How is Bluetooth technology evolving