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Book: "Enterprise J2ME: Developing Mobile Java Applications"

Title: Enterprise J2ME: Developing Mobile Java Applications
Author(s): Michael Juntao Yuan
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN-10: 0131405306bps
ISBN-13: 978-0131405301

The book focuses on four most important enterprise application areas: Converged messaging (email, IM, mobile P2P as well as enterprise messaging middleware); data management (mobile and backend relational databases), ubiquitous integration (mobile Web services) and advanced security (J2ME cryptography). The book covers more than 30 commercial and open source tools from over 10 leading vendors (including IBM, Oracle, Sun, Sybase, Enhydra and much more). The detailed analysis help developers to choose the right tools. Over 300 code listings from sample applications (available for download from the book web site) are used to illustrate the application designs, coding techniques and third-party tool usages. This is a must-have book for enterprise mobile developers and architects.

J2ME offers an extraordinarily flexible and robust platform for developing mobile applications with enterprise-class performance, reliability, and value. Now, leading mobile developer Michael Yuan covers every aspect of building industrial-strength applications with J2ME: design, architecture, tools, processes, business issues, and more.

Yuan introduces innovations that make the platform even more powerful, ranging from new J2ME profiles and wireless messaging APIs to mobile databases and web services tools. These innovations allow existing Java™ developers (especially J2EE™ developers) to leverage their skills and add mobility to enterprise applications. Yuan also presents more than a dozen complete sample applications—including the application that earned him the grand prize in Nextel, Sun, and Motorola’s nationwide wireless developer contest.