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Book: "Mobile Applications: Architecture, Design, and Development"

Title: Mobile Applications: Architecture, Design, and Development
Author(s): Valentino Lee, Heather Schneider, Robbie Schell
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
ISBN-10: 0131172638bps
ISBN-13: 978-0131172630

This is the definitive guide to building successful mobile applications. It covers every facet of development and deployment, including business issues, architectural design, integration with existing web and legacy applications, and the management of mobile application development projects. It also presents three application case studies that demonstrate best practices at work in real projects. Coverage includes:
  • Requirements, design, development, integration, testing, release, and maintenance
  • "Mobilizing" existing application architectures
  • Building effective user interfaces for mobile applications
  • Fat-client and thin-client scenarios
  • Managing client-server data transfer
  • Securing mobile applications: authentication, encryption, and data self-destruction
  • Full Microsoft .NET code examples for cell phones, Pocket PCs, and Tablet PCs
  • Mobile Applications is indispensable for everyone who needs to deliver robust, high-value mobile solutions: project managers, technical leaders, architects, and experienced developers alike.