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Book: "Bluetooth Profiles"

Title: Bluetooth Profiles
Author(s): Dean A. Gratton
Publisher: Prentice Hall Ptr
ISBN-10: 0130092215bps
ISBN-13: 978-0130092212

Build reliable, interoperable Bluetooth products—right now!
  • Practical guidance for building reliable, interoperable Bluetooth products
  • Covers usage models, profile principles, user expectations and dependencies
  • Details every foundation profile and key application, from cordless telephony to file transfer
  • Introduces emerging profiles for personal area networking, imaging, printing and automotive applications
  • Shows how to build your own new profiles
Bluetooth Profiles are the key to delivering interoperable products that work reliably, "right out of the box." Now, leading Bluetooth expert Dean Anthony Gratton brings the Bluetooth Profiles to life, showing you exactly how to use them to build winning user-centered products. Gratton takes you "under the hood" of every significant Bluetooth Profile, from Bluetooth's essential Foundation Profiles to powerful emerging profiles for personal area networking, automotive applications and imaging. Drawing on his extensive experience with Bluetooth development, Gratton also offers practical guidance for creating innovative new profiles of your own.
  • Accessible, authoritative coverage of usage models, profile principles, user expectations and dependencies
  • Presents practical introductions to GAP, SDAP, OBEX and SPP—the Foundation Profiles that underlie most of Bluetooth's application development
  • Covers all core Bluetooth application profiles: cordless telephony, intercom, headset, dial-up networking, fax, LAN access, object push, file transfer and synchronisation
  • Previews new profiles for imaging, printing, extended services discovery, hands-free and much more
  • Contains a concise "macro-level" review of current Bluetooth protocol stacks and development kits
  • Includes a detailed Bluetooth glossary and reference section