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WAP Toolkits


Audicode WAP Server/Gateway product is an easy-to-use and efficient server application, which connects WAP clients, typically WAP mobile phones, to corporate information systems. The server provides a way for the companies to better take advantage of their data by making it possible for mobile users (e.g. company salesmen) to interact with this data.

Audicode Ltd. is a Finnish software company founded in March 1999. The company's aim is to create competitive wireless solutions with the latest technology available. They are currently concentrating on WAP devices and applications, and are also preparing for the 3rd generation mobile phone technology.

The Audicode WAP server can be easily utilised with existing databases and services or extended according to different needs. The server supports CGI 1.1 interface, which is a well known API for Web server interfacing. CGI scripts can be implemented with almost any programming language.

Since WAP 1.1 protocol does not specify 'push' feature, SMS messages can be used in many cases to replace the missing 'push'. This is the reason that Audicode WAP Server can be supplied with integrated SMS server, to allow push-like applications e.g. for sending "You have email"-messages.


The MercuryXMS WAP Push / OTA SDK is a comprehensive toolkit for delivering WAP Push, WAP Bookmark, and OTA configuration messages. For a comprehensive MMS messaging solution, see our MercuryXMS MMS SDK.

Mobile Gateway

Mobile Connectivity Server (MCS) is a key element in mobile access to corporate intranet and Internet services. Through MCS component a multitude of wireless terminals can access corporate intranets.

MCS is a scalable component that takes care of the user and terminal authentication. Authentication is needed to provide access only to authenticated users. Authentication can be based on e.g. user ID and password pairs, certificates or other systems. Based on authentication access can be granted to different parts of intranet and its applications.

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MobileDev Wireless Development Environment (WDE)

MobileDev is a Wireless Development Environment (WDE) for WAP Internet applications. Its cevelopment model integrates a graphical application mapper with a wizard interface and a rich tool set. MobileDev supports WAP technologies including WML, HDML, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Perl and Java Server Pages (JSP).

Using the GUI application mapper to show the relationships between objects, developers can quickly outline the components of a WAP application. Then they can take advantage of wizards that generate Decks and Cards in both WML and HDML, and use MobileDev's code builder to write WML/HDML syntax that complements the wizard-generated code. The integration of the application mapper with wizards and the code builder provides a seamless WDE that delivers results fast.

MobileDev comes complete with its own powerful integrated runtime engine, MobileDev Server Script. Server Script can quickly create prototypes or build full-blown business WAP applications that can be natively connected to an RDBMS. MobileDev WDE is also designed to support development in ASP, JSP, Perl or other template-based server technologies.


Waporizer, from Dimon software, is a software solution that uniquely enables companies to leverage all existing enterprise content assets from files, web servers, databases or applications straight to the mobile Internet .